Digital screens are located throughout the HMS campus to keep the community informed and connected. Content on the screens is reviewed, managed, and uploaded by the Office of Communications and External Relations.

Announcements and event notices for and sponsored by members and departments of the HMS Quad community should be emailed to adhering to the following guidelines.


  • 3 x 5 Rule: No more than three lines of text with five words each OR five lines of text with three words each. Successful slides are visual impactful, featuring only the most pertinent information: event title, date, time, location, website and contact information, if applicable.
  • Screen Size: The content block is 1371 pixels x 772 pixels or 16 x 9 ratio (widescreen) will fit.
  • File Type: JPEG file only.
  • Permissions: Please make sure you have the rights to any images you use.
  • Fonts: Choose sans serif fonts (Helvetica, Arial) over serif fonts (Times New Roman) for a cleaner look that is easy to read. Don’t use more than two fonts per slide.
  • Message: Deliver a clear, concise message in as few words as possible. Slides appear on screen for only 12 seconds at a time. Don’t clutter your designs with too much text.

In addition to digital displays, the communications office offers the HMS calendar and the MyHMS e-newsletter to help you get the word out about events, general announcements, and opportunities. Please see the Community Announcements page for details on how to submit events.